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Most olive oils are impersonal as they come from large-scale production, so their sensorial characteristics do not contribute positively, for example, to the bouquet of a salad. The good thing is that you can easily identify a superior quality olive oil as an extra virgin olive oil. These oils shed an exceptional aroma and have very pleasant taste and mouth feel. Tasting an extra virgin olive oil can be as appetizing as tasting a select wine, or even more. Extra virgin olive oil is the gastronomic jewel among olive oils, which are born with the efforts of Spanish olive oil sector and the will of taking the very best of their crops to our homes. Extra virgin olive oil has a perfectly irreproachable taste and its acidity is not more than 0.8º.

In order to produce an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality among other extra virgins, it is essential to grow the orchards delicately and pick the olives at their best ripening point. The olives are hand-picked to avoid damaging them, and then they are washed to remove dirt and other disturbing solids. They have to be destemmed, and residues of leaves and small branches have to be removed.

Afterwards, the olives are crushed in order to break the cellular structures that contain the oil. This process produces a wet paste.

Extra virgin olive oil

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This paste is cold pressed to liberate the extra virgin olive oil. The best olive oil is obtained from this first cold pressing. The extra virgin olive oil is separated from the water which was inside the olives using decanting tanks or vertical centrifuges that do not damage the properties of the oil. Both liquids, water and oil, had remained mixed together after the cold pressing. The extra virgin olive oil that we get after the first cold pressing process is turbid, as there are remaining solid residues in suspension. The way to remove these solid residues can be by decanting or filtering. Extra virgin olive oil is not filtered because it can lose some aromatic and taste properties during the procedure, so it is decanted. This process takes about 40 days; the olive oil is left to rest at a temperature of about 18 degrees Celsius (64.4 degrees Fahrenheit).
The residues in suspension begin to sediment on the bottom of the tank, and then it is only necessary to let the oil go out through an outlet situated over the level of the solids.

Extra virgin olive oil is pure olive oil: real olive juice. It has not undergone any refining treatments and it contains no additives or preservatives. As a step in order to enjoy better health, benefit of extra virgin olive oil should be chosen to salad dressing recipe, fry, cakes, pasta recipes, soaps, on bread dip, flavored olive oil or simply have a teaspoonful during lunch.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil was considered as a medicinal product in ancient times due to the richness of its natural properties and pharmacologic action. Among its several properties which have recently been stated by doctors and scientists, the following are noteworthy about extra virgin olive oil health benefit:

  • It has significant protective effects against heart disease, especially against myocardial infarct.
  • Helps to reduce the bad cholesterol levels go down without affecting the good cholesterol.
  • It is a natural remedy to lower the chances of ulcer creation.
  • In paediatrics: it is considered as an appropriate fat for children's diet.
  • It stimulates bone growth and the absorption of calcium.
  • It prevents diabetes.
  • It is excellent to keep a healthy and young skin.
  • It is rich in vitamins A, D, E, F and K.
  • It strengthens the body’s natural defences.
  • D: anti-rickets.
  • E: anti-sterility.
  • K: clotting vitamin.

Natural shampoos, soaps, massage oils, creams or anti-wrinkle creams are among others the many uses of cosmetic laboratories provide their products with extra virgin olive oil.

Products cosmetics made with extra virgin olive oil

Buy the best extra virgin olive oil is not question only price, it is the personal choice to enjoy a unique sensory experience and enhance health.

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